Bohlen Doyen Tidal Bog MatsWorking With GJ Bogmats

Bohlen Doyen required a large number of mats for a tidal project that they were running for the end contractor which was E.On and National Grid. The grid electricity cable was coming offshore from Belgium.

Due to the nature of the project and the tide times, the tidal water would come in and move the bog mats.

  • Needed high quantity of mats
  • Required quick delivery on all mats
  • Mats needed aligning frequently due to tidal movement
  • Mats had to be laid and anchored
  • Required little to no interference with staff and work

GJ Mats supplied Bohlen Doyen large amount of 5m x 150mm mats for a tidal water sea works project. This contact was down in Ramsgate, Kent. The Grid Electricity Cable was coming on shore from Belgium. GJ Mats supplied the mats for a large period of time, we also supplied a team of men to re-lay the mats daily. This was a challenging job as the daily tidal water would come in and move the mats slightly. Our team had to re–align all the mats which had been laid and anchored in tidal water, enabling the daily works for the contractors to be carried out. The end contractor was E-on & National Grid.

  • Supplied mats quickly
  • Had a dedicated team in place to re-align the mats and anchor the mats
  • Supplied large amount of mats for wet terrain
  • Removed mats after project completion
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