Which Size Timber Bog Mats Do I Need?

Which size timber bog mats do I need for my project?

You’ve got it all planned out – your construction project is nearing its start date. The festival you’re running is edging every closer. Your civil supporting project has been given the green light. You’re setting out your resource allocation – contacting all your suppliers, getting your team prepared – everything is on schedule. You’re ready to give GJ Bogmats a call, but then you realise that there’s some information that you need first…

Which size timber bog mats do I need?

G J Bogmats supply a variety of different timber bog mats, each serving different uses, and often made from a variety of wood types to deal with different load capacities.

So where do you start?

Our downloadable PDFs can be found on our “Product Specs” section, and give the specific details of five different types of high quality timber bog mats on offer from GJ Bogmats. It’s helpful to know what these different specification types mean in relation to your individual project so that you can buy or hire the relevant product. Here’s our guide to the best timber bog mats for your venture:

Small Projects

If you’re looking to place temporary roadways in place, whether to enter building sites or to guide your festival goers to the main stage, then our 100MM bog mats are the ones for you. These sit lightly on the land, allowing common usage for lightweight projects. These thin but durable timber bog mats are perfect for use on industry infrastructure projects, or to serve as thoroughfare for dumper trucks and other lighter construction machinery.

Medium Projects

Our 150MM timber bog mats are a little more robust – let’s call them the middleweight champions of the bog mat world. These oak and tropical hardwood mats are capable of carrying up to roughly 65 tonnes per mat. This means that they’re perfect for small cranes and middle sized trucks as well as supporting small structures. This far more durable mat is also the most suitable for marine projects such as piling, jetties and pontoons, as well as civil engineering operations.

Large Projects

Our 200mmand 250mm timber bog mats are the heavyweights, allowing for up to 80 tonnes per mat. This allows for most construction equipment, cranes and caterpillar machinery to be used safely on moderately flat ground, and is ideal for working platforms and tracks for heavy plant traffic. Due to the heavy duty nature of these timber bog mats, you could look at purchasing new or pre-owned quality hardwood oak and durable tropical hardwood bog mats from our “Services” page.

Please note that all of our hardwood and tropical bog mats are also available for hire – see our blog entitled “Should I buy or hire bog mats for my next project” to help you decide which option would give you the right choice and best value for money.

And if you’re still not sure which of our specialist bog mats is the right one for your particular venture, then give us a call on 0800 774 7551 and one of our friendly team will be happy to advise!