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Tropical Hardwood Mats

GJ Mats are one of the premier providers of Tropical Hardwood Mats in the UK, meaning we are competitive in the market and can provide a solution for every budget.  We have been in the business of supplying Tropical hardwood mats & European hardwood bog mats to customers across the UK for 20 years.  We ship all over the UK and have excellent customer reviews available on our website.

At GJ Bogmats we offer a wide range of Tropical Hardwood Mats built from materials deriving from a variety of species of wood, these including: Ekki, Dabema, and Okan – all of which are sourced from West Africa, to ensure the highest quality components are used in the manufacturing of our bog mats. We also offer mats constructed from woods such as: Mora, Wamara and Cumaru – all of which are imported to us from South America, again to ensure the highest possible quality and longevity of our products.

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Tropical Hardwood Bog Mat Details

Our Tropical Hardwood Mats are very carefully manufactured to ensure exceptional strength and noteworthy durability, most notably our Ekki Hardwood Mats, which are perfect for whatever your desired temporary roadway usage may be. The durability of our products is an essential factor for us during the manufacturing stages of our Tropical Hardwood Mats, therefore the species of wood that we source for this production process each have valuable and favourable qualities, such as interlocked grain, elasticity, and resilience.

As a result of these fore mentioned qualities, these dense marine timber mats are especially suitable to be used in all locations and in any type of conditions. The Tropical Hardwood Mats are also favourable for water use, as they implement a firm and stable platform due to their high density, allowing them to submerge and remain in place below water during their use.

Being a business that supplies wood products, it is vital that we gather our materials from sustainable sources, in accordance with our environmental responsibilities. Although our Topical Hardwood Mats are used temporarily as flooring for difficult to access areas / as protection for delicate and fragile land, they are still sustainable in that they are able to be reused. The longevity of our bog mats allows them to be reused over and over again, making them an adequate product that can be utilised for a long time. They are also a cost-effective fix to accessing hard to reach areas with heavy machinery.

Each of our bog mats are available for hire and can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom, from our own personal yard, which is based in Carmarthen.

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