UK Timber Bog Mats for Sale & Hire

Tropical Hardwood Mats Bog Mats GJ Hire Sale
Tropical Hardwood Mats

Tropical hardwood mats for sale and hire, we transport all across the UK and parts of the EU. Competitive prices and fast delivery.

European Hardwood Mats GJ Bogmats Hire Sale UK
European Hardwood Mats

Premier provider of European hardwood mats & tropical bog mats. We are competitive in the market and can provide a solution for every budget.

Ekki Mats Sale Hire UK GJ Bog Mats
Ekki Mats For Hire & Sale

Ekki Mats for sale or hire, both options are available for our clients. Ideal for wet and windy conditions, Ekki mats are made from tropical hardwood.

Crane Mats Crane Pads UK GJ Bogmats
Crane Mats & Crane Pads

Experienced provider of hardwood crane mats and crane pads throughout the UK. All crane mats are designed to take high weight limits. Hire or Sale.

Sea Defence Access Roadways Bog Mats UK Hire Sale
Sea Defence Access Roadways

Solutions for transport across soft ground including sand and water areas. Call to discuss our sea defense access roadway timber solutions.

Pipeline Protection Service Bog Mats UK GJ Mats
Pipeline Protection

UK Supplier of high grade pipeline protection cover slabs that offer robust protection for gas, oil and electric pipelines. We hire and sell cover slabs.

Temporary Access Roadway Solutions UK Timbermats.jpg
Temporary Access Roadway Solutions

Timber mats & bog mats ideal for HGVs including diggers, bulldozers, cranes or other equipment that need to access a soft ground site which have tyres that churn up terrain.

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