Timber mats keep your festival rocking

Timber mats keep your festival rocking!

Whether it’s music or motorcars, food or family fun, there’s a festival to suit every possible taste. From the well-established ‘grandfathers’ of the festival scene – Glastonbury, Reading, Isle of Wight to the newcomers such as Chris Evans’ Carfest, or the traditional festivals such as the Eisteddfods here in Wales, more and more of us are enjoying festival life. It’s a chance to forget about the day to day, to relax in an atmosphere dedicated to enjoyment; a chance to relax with family and friends and let it all hang out (legally, of course!).

The logistics of such an undertaking are, of course, huge – and it’s not just making sure the headline acts turn up on time. Traffic flow of people and vehicles, keeping festival goers safe while allowing them the freedom to enjoy themselves – and making sure the whole site doesn’t end up in an un-navigable quagmire – are all competing concerns that need to be addressed. Using timber mats provides many of the answers to these logistical issues.

Pragmatism dictates that a ‘be prepared’ approach is best as far as the British weather is concerned

While you can organise everything else, no one can truly predict the weather, particularly here in the UK. And while every festival organiser hopes the sun will shine throughout the set up and dismantling of the festival, as well as during the event itself, pragmatism dictates that a ‘be prepared’ approach is best. If it rains, the land where so many people are present will quickly turn into a mud-caked nightmare, and ruin the festival site.

Just as festival goers will probably pack wellies and sun cream, so festival organisers and land-owners can prepare for every eventuality using bog mats. Timber bog mats can be used to ensure that there is continued access through the festival site itself as well as across the maintenance and support areas. Setting up temporary roadways means that traffic can easily come and go – it also ensures safe passage should a problem arise and the emergency services require quick access to a far flung corner of the site.

Timber mats can be used to create temporary roadways, pedestrian walkways, and parking areas

Using timber mats to create walkways for the festival-goers can help channel pedestrian traffic where you want it, and create safe routes across the site. Bog mats can also be used to create parking areas that will be easy to access and exit from, particularly if the weather takes a turn for the worse – no need to fire up the tractor and drag out all those cars from the mud when it’s time to send them all home…

If you haven’t already sourced your timber mats for your festival this summer, we can talk to you about hiring or buying timber mats, and identify which of our extensive range of European and Tropical hardwood mats would be best for your purposes, depending on how long they will be in place, and the terrain they will be covering. With experience of supplying timber mats to a number of UK festivals, we will be happy to help your festival stay safe, keep mud to a minimum and protect the festival site too.