Temporary Access / Roadway Solutions

Temporary Access or Roadway Solutions for your Construction Site

GJ Bogmats are expert suppliers of timber mats providing temporary access and portable roadway solutions for construction sites, engineering projects and largescale events.

The bog mats that we supply create strong, stable and secure platforms for transporting heavy traffic (both mechanised and human) over muddy, soft ground or grass and offer a reliable solution to the problems caused by such heavy usage.Temporary Roadway

Heavy equipment
Whether it’s HGVs delivering components or bulldozers, cranes or other equipment that need to access your site, or simply the traffic of workers arriving and departing daily, leave the ground unprotected and you’ll soon have an access problem as tracks and tyres churning up the terrain. We offer a variety of timber mats ideal for creating temporary access solutions for projects that are off the road network. Not only do we supply a wide variety of European and tropical hardwood mats, we supply Emtek mats which have a higher load bearing capacity than traditional hardwood mats, and a unique interlocking system to fit the individual mats together.

Event Access and safety

Festivals and other large outdoor gatherings have become increasingly popular over the years. Bringing together thousands of people to enjoy music, food, cars – or a combination – has many positive aspects – but for the landowner there can be concerns about the damage that all those feet can do, particularly in high traffic areas as people are directed across the festival site on dedicated pathways, or by facilities such as temporary toilets. If you’re organising a festival, leasing land which may be damaged as a result, timber mats offer a practical solution. By defining and designating pathways using timber mats, you can make sure people know where they are supposed to be walking. Using timber mats allows better access for people with physical disabilities who might wish to attend your event, and can also protect festival-goers from injuries that might be caused walking across uneven ground. Finally, while mud might be an integral part of a festival for festival goers, the problems mud can cause for the organisers cannot be underestimated. Using timber mats can keep mud contained and protect access during the festival – particularly important for emergency services – and keeps damage to the site to a minimum.

Timber mats can also be used to provide a stable platform for traffic to access and exit the site, and to ensure constant access for emergency vehicles should this be required.

Environmental Protection
If the areas you need to access for your construction or engineering project or event are environmentally sensitive, our timber mats can be locked together to create a roadway that sits on top of and protects wild flowers, native species, both plant and animal. Using our mats to create a temporary access solution ensures that once the project is completed, the land can quickly be returned to its previous use, with little long term impact to sensitive habitats. Timber mats are quickly assembled into temporary roadways and can just as easily be dismantled and removed back to your depot. We offer a professional lay down service using a CSCS accredited workforce should you need it.

We are experts in the bog mat industry, working both in the UK and abroad on a range of projects and in a huge variety of climates and environments, even deserts. Our experience means we are confident that we can offer you the right advice and work with you to select the right timber mats for your project or event taking account of the terrain and environment you are working in, what the project or event involves in terms of loads to be carried and managed, and your budget and timescales.