Should I Buy or Hire Bog Mats for my next project?

Should I Buy or Hire Bog Mats for my next project?

New to bogmats and wondering whether to invest? Been using timber mats for some time, hiring every time you need them? In this blog we look at the pros and cons of buying vs. hiring timber mats, to help you make the right choice.

As the leading wholesale supplier of bogmats in the UK, one of the questions we regularly discuss with our customers is whether buying bogmats or hiring offers the best value for money. It’s probably something you are considering too, if you are embarking on your first project which requires bogmats to create a stable platform or temporary roadway for heavy equipment or vehicles. As ever, with these questions there is no straightforward answer and much will depend on the kind of operation you are involved with, and the projects you work on.

Buying Bogmats – what you need to know

As with any specialist equipment, buying timber mats for use on all your projects represents a longer term solution than hiring mats either for a period of time or for a specific project. If you have a regular requirement for bogmats, crane mats or other temporary ground protection, you will find that the cost of hiring mats soon accumulates to the point where you will spend more on the hire costs than you would have done to buy them outright.

Provided you have adequate storage facilities to accommodate your timber mats when they are not in use, buying mats represents significant value for money. You also eliminate the uncertainty that might arise should the company you are hiring from fall into difficulties.

Hiring Bogmats – what you need to know

If you only need timber mats for a one off project, or it would be difficult to store mats that you have purchased, hiring may be the right option for your business.

Hiring helps spread the cost of the timber mats you need for your project. If you are working nationally, you may be able to agree a contract that covers your UK-wide timber mat needs at a standardised price, removing regional fluctuations and uncertainty. This is an option for some of our bigger clients with operations across the UK

If you aren’t sure about making the investment of buying timber mats straight away, hiring what you need is a good way of testing out and appreciating what having your own ‘in house’ stock could do for your business, without the initial commitment.

Check for ‘buy back’ options

If you can’t decide whether to buy or hire bogmats, then choose a company that offers a ‘buy back’ service. The principle is simple: you buy the bogmats you need for your project, and when you are finished with them, you sell them back to the company who sold them to you in the first place. A ‘buy back’ option offers the best of the both worlds, It’s an advantage to have a fixed price, with the certainty that if the project overruns and you need the bogmats for longer than initially anticipated, there will be no additional costs linked to hiring the mats for longer. If you are moving on to a new project which also requires the use of timber mats, you have them available. If you have no further use for bogmats, you sell them back, meaning no need to either find storage space, and no hassle finding a buyer.

Here at GJ Bogmats we are pleased to discuss whether buying or hiring our bogmats would offer your business better value for money. We also offer a bogmat buy back service, which gives you the certainty and peace of mind that comes with buying bogmats, with the security of being able to sell them back to us at the end of your project. With stocks of timber mats suitable for a wide variety of applications in stock, we are strategically placed to be able to supply your needs at very short notice (even immediately) should it be needed. Call our team today on 0800 774 7751 and find out what will work best for you!