Quality crane mats – the key to safe high-rise construction

With construction forecasts predicting a continued boom in high-rise residential developments in the UK’s largest cities in 2019, crane use will inevitably be high this year. Any building site brings health and safety hazards but working with taller constructions has its own unique challenges. Large-scale lifting without effective support is a disaster waiting to happen and could have huge financial and human costs. Crane safety is one of the most crucial elements to get right on a high-rise development and it all starts with creating a solid foundation. For that, you need the right crane mats.

Creating a safe and stable base on which to operate is essential. Crane mats, also known as piling rig mats or crane pads, are needed to spread the load evenly and stabilise the crane on what is often uneven or unstable ground. Manufactured from premium grade European and tropical hardwoods with high load-bearing capabilities, heavy-duty crane mats are the bedrock of any high-rise project.

How do I know which crane mats to use?

At GJ Bog Mats we know that finding the right crane mats for your project is critical. With a variety of size and materials to choose from, you need to make sure you make the correct call when it comes to the dimensions and load capabilities of your crane pads. It all depends on the size and weight of the crane you’re using, the unique ground conditions on the construction site itself and the types of loads that need to be lifted.

Our bog mat and crane mat experts have years of experience in assessing your individual requirements. Having been involved in supplying crane mats for large projects undertaken by customers such as Network Rail, we have the know-how to ensure you use the most appropriate crane pads for your project. Only with the right crane mats put in place in the correct way, can you rest assured that you’ve fulfilled your Health & Safety responsibilities in creating a safe foundation for your crane operations.

What’s the most cost-effective option – buying or hiring crane mats?

A G J Bog Mats we like to be flexible in the services we offer our customers, so our bog mats and crane mats are available for sale or hire, depending on which is the most cost-effective option for your project. We can also buy back bog mats and crane pads once you have finished with them and offer a comprehensive lay-down service too. Whatever your crane mat requirements, we’re always happy to discuss the options with you, give you expert advice and help you find the best deal for your circumstances.

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