Pipeline Protection

GJ Bog Mats Pipeline Protection

Pipeline Protection

GJ Bogmats offer pipeline protection solutions for multiple UK industry sectors across the UK including electric, gas and water. GJ Bogmats produce and deliver pipeline cover slabs which are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on your requirements.

If your organisation has a project that requires protection of pipelines, GJ Bogmats has the best solution as our pipeline cover slabs can be produced and delivered quickly to your project location.

We cater for all project sizes no matter how large or small, we can tailor our mats to suite your pipeline requirements.

By using GJ Bogmats pipeline protection mats, it can help prevent damage caused by: environmental, corrosion or accidental damage.

One of the main uses for our pipe cover slabs is to protect the pipes underground which have heavy loads traveling on top. The cover slabs are designed to take the weight of the heavy loads to prevent crushing of the pipes. 

Our extensive client network has ranged from ‘The National Grid’, ‘Wales & West Gas’, we have even supplied our cover slabs to a project in the Falkland Island for the MOD who wanted to protect a fuel line that was newly installed in 2016. 

Our Clients Include

national grid
ministry of defence
Wales and West Gas Utilities

Top UK supplier for Pipeline Protection Cover Slabs – GJ Bogmats

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Protect Your Pipelines with GJ Bogmats Cover Slabs

Pipelines can run through difficult terrain and can span across long distances. By using ‘traditional approaches’ for protection and monitoring pipelines, it can be costly and there’s no guarantees that all can be checked regularly. By using GJ Bogmats pipeline cover slabs, we are able to offer a better solution that offers effective protection. The slabs will protect your pipeline from mechanical excavations and can incorporate lifting sockets for installation and lifting loops to ensure smooth removal.

High voltage cables and high pressure gas mains pipelines can often be vulnerable to rogue excavations and damage. GJ Bog Mats offer a range of pipeline cover slabs, also known as gas slabs, as an effective way of protecting pipelines. We have availability in a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending and they can be tailored specifically to meet your requirements.

  • Excellent Service – Guaranteed excellent service
  • Variety of cover slabs – We have a range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Industry Experience – Project and application knowledge
  • Fast Delivery – We guarantee quick service
  • Advice – We’re on hand to answer any questions
  • UK/EU Shipping – We’re able to supply all across the UK and EU
  • Trusted Reputation – We have clients from the National Grid, MOD and Wales & West Gas
Pipeline Cover Protection Slabs GJ Bog Mats

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