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European Hardwood Mats

Our long-standing position as the premier provider of European hardwood mats & tropical bog mats, mean we are competitive in the market and can provide a solution for every budget.  We have been in the business of supplying European hardwood mats & tropical bog mats to customers across the UK for 20 years.  We ship all over the UK and have excellent customer reviews available on our website.

All of our European Bog Mats are available in certified & non-certified timbers.

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European Hardwood Mats GJ Mats

European Hardwood Bog Mat Details

A bog mat is a platform constructed of European hard wood or tropical wood that is laid across muddy or difficult terrain to provide safe access to people, animals and vehicles in circumstances where they might otherwise become stuck or have difficulty crossing.  If you live anywhere where rain could potentially stop play.  If you are concerned about the impact of bad weather on your land.  If you want to ensure vehicles, pedestrians or animals can travel across difficult terrain.  If you want to protect your land from ongoing damage.   If you want to limit the possibility of people or vehicles becoming stuck in muddy ground, then our European hardwood mats & tropical bog mats provide a safe firm footing for vehicles, pedestrians and animals to travel from point A to point B ensuring that they arrive at their destination with minimal disruption or mess!

We have a range of European Hardwood Mats & durable tropical bog mats available for Hire or Sale in various sizes.  Our European Hardwood Mats are constructed of Oak or Beech and have an average lifespan of between xx and xx dependant on type, usage, storage facilities and other factors.  They are constructed from high strength timber which means they are durable and can withstand considerable weight, bending, tension and impacts.

Our tropical bog mats all come from South America. Tropical hardwood mats are extremely strong and durable. These dense marine timbers with interlocked grain and bending strengths are suitable for any condition and location.

We are in the business of supplying wood products, therefore it is very important to us that we source our wood from a sustainable source and also comply with our environmental responsibilities and regulations that are in place to protect the supply chain. Our European Hardwood Mats & tropical bog mats are therefore responsibly sourced from certified timber merchants who guarantee the sustainability and renewability of supply.

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