Don’t get bogged down – GJ Bog Mats for Sale or for Hire

GJ Bog Mats for Sale or for Hire

Feeling bogged down?

Wish there was some way of overcoming the quagmire on your latest project? GJ Bog Mats have it covered. For sale or for hire, with speedy delivery including an expert laying down service.

Why use GJ Bog Mats?

Your valuable plant machinery and essential equipment need to be operated under the best possible conditions for safe and successful outcomes. You cannot afford to jeopardise your reputation, your time or your money by getting bogged down in soft, heavy, unforgiving and unrelenting mud. Don’t get bogged down with worry. Let GJ Bog Mats provide the strong stable platform needed for you to concentrate on the job in hand.

Bog Mats for every occasion – for sale or for hire

GJ Bog Mats provide reliable temporary access solutions, portable roadways and protection for colossal cranes, complex construction sites, environmentally sensitive land, coastal defences, vulnerable pipelines, merrymaking festivals and more. Whatever you need, however you need it – for Sale or for Hire

Quality products

GJ Bog Mats can help you choose the right product for your enterprise. Quality mats are constructed from oak hardwoods, European hardwoods, tropical hardwoods, uber durable West African Ekki timber and high strength pre-cast concrete slabs for the protection of gas mains, high voltage cables, water or sewage pipes and any other underground utilities. Timber mats come for Sale or for Hire in various sizes 100mm x 1m x 5m, 150mm x 1m x5m, 200mm x 1m x 5mm, 200mm x 1m x 6m and 250/300mm x1mx 6m

Value for money – GJ Bog Mats for Sale or for Hire

Pristine new GJ Bog Mats and quality pre-owned Bog Mats are available for sale or for hire. They can be swiftly delivered to your site and professionally laid down by an experienced and skilled team of accredited operatives.


Save time and money. Let GJ Bog Mats do what they are good at. They have built up a great working relationship with some of the world’s largest and most reliable logistics lines and offer a fast efficient service wherever you need it.

GJ Bog Mats aim to provide quality products and a reliable and efficient service. Read what one of our clients had to say:

Great product and great service from these guys. We wanted heavy duty and that’s what we got. Give them a call and you’ll get what you need.”

Call the GJ Bog Mat Sales Team now on 07896 265 981. Be sure to get your project off to a steady start and be confident you can see it through to fruition without ever getting bogged down.