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GJ Bogmats have a range of solutions for cranes that are very cost effective for projects running over long and short periods. We offer crane mats for sale or hire depending on your project needs and budget. We also supply heavy duty crane pads or pilling rig mats for larger cranes.

GJ Bogmats crane mats and crane pads are designed to take the weight of heavy machinery and cranes. With our extensive industry experience, we know that on any project where lifting is taking place, it’s vitally important to ensure site safety by making sure your cranes are properly supported. All our hardwood timber mats are high strength rated.

GJ Bogmats are one of the leading top UK suppliers for hardwood timber mats.

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Benefits Of Using GJ Bogmats Crane Mats & Crane Pads

  • Hardwood timber mats provide an even surface for cranes helping with stability and transportation

  • Hardwood timber mats support the crane by spreading the load

  • The crane mats or pads can provide added protection to the ground underneath

  • Provides a safe working surface for all machinery and equipment

  • Our crane mats and crane pads help prevent cranes from falling over and keeps the crane upright maintaining a steady level
Crane Mats Crane Pads GJ Bog Mats For Hire For Sale UK

Hardwood Timber Mats for Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium

Here we have an example of the timber mats that were on an artic lorry ready to be delivered to Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium. In total, we supplied over 500 crane hardwood mats that were 5m x 150mm in size for the new build of Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium in London.

The hardwood timber mats were used to cover the new pitch to enable ‘Crawler Cranes’ to carry out daily activity works within the new Stadium. The pitch was protected and the cranes were able to track back and forth with ease.

Balfour Beatty Crane Pads UK for Hire GJ Bog Mats
Balfour Beatty Crane Pads UK for Sale GJ Bog Mats

Balfour Beatty Contractors using GJ Bogmats Timber Mats for Crane Support

Another completed job of GJ Bogmats in Wales, here we supplied 200mm hardwood timber mats to assist in the erection of a new bridge on the ‘A465 Heads Of The Valley’ carriageway.

We supplied the contractor Balfour Beatty with numerous timber mats in order to support the cranes which were used during the bridge construction project.

The cranes weight were fully supported and our mats provided a stable platform for them to be positioned on.

UK Bog Mats G J Crane Mats
UK Crane Mats GJ Bogmats

Setting up a crane correctly, using the right timber mats to spread the load, is crucial to the safety of the lifting operations and the site as a whole and supports the effective running of the crane.

Our heavy duty hardwood timber mats, also known as crane pads or piling rig mats, are manufactured from premium grade timber. They enable the large scale lifting of heavy loads whilst providing effective support for the lifting equipment.

The crane pads are designed to withstand the weight of the crane jacks and hydraulic arms. The jacks sit on the crane pads to assist with supporting the crane weight.

We supply crane mats in a range of standard dimensions to suit your requirements. Following an assessment of the ground conditions on site, the loads to be lifted and the type of crane to be used, we can advise you as to the best crane mats for the job. Contact us for a free quote. 

Our crane mats have a variety of applications.

  • Temporary platforms for medium-weight cranes and draglines
  • Heavy lifting & crane lifting works
  • Specialist heavy works applications
  • Ship deck protection against heavy loads
  • Access roads
  • Piling rig platforms
  • Quay Protection

We’re confident that with our experience in the construction and engineering industries, we can offer you the right advice and work with you to select the right crane mats for your project, at the right price. We offer flexibility to purchase our timber mats outright, or to hire them for the duration of your project. We also offer a ‘Mat Buy Back’ service. Speak to us to find out more. 

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