Crane Mats

Crane Mats for Sale or Hire

We know that on any project where lifting is taking place, it’s vitally important to ensure site safety by making sure your cranes are properly supported. Setting up a crane correctly, using the right timber mats to spread the load, is crucial to the safety of the lifting operations and the site as a whole and supports the effective running of the crane.

Our heavy duty Crane Mats, also known as crane pads or piling rig mats, are manufactured from premium grade timber. They enable the large scale lifting of heavy loads whilst providing effective support for the lifting equipment.


We supply crane mats in a range of standard dimensions to suit your requirements. Following an assessment of the ground conditions on site, the loads to be lifted and the type of crane to be used, we can advise you as to the best crane mats for the job.

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Heavy duty crane mats in use

Secure, ground protecting crane mats


Our crane mats have a variety of applications.

  • Temporary platforms for medium-weight cranes and draglines.
  • Heavy lifting & crane lifting works.
  • Specialist heavy works applications
  • Ship deck protection against heavy loads
  • Access roads
  • Piling rig platforms
  • Quay Protection.

We’re confident that with our experience in the construction and engineering industries, we can offer you the right advice and work with you to select the right crane mats for your project, at the right price. We offer flexibility to purchase our timber mats outright, or to hire them for the duration of your project. We also offer a ‘Bog Mat Buy Back’ service. Why not get in touch.

Here is a video of some of our crane mats in use for Network Rail: