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Coastal erosion occurs in several devastating ways – a variety of coastal defences can be
implemented to combat the problem.

Hydraulic action develops when raging water forces the air before it to enter crevices and
cracks in the river banks or sea cliffs causing immense pressure. Eventually the fabric of
the banks or sea cliffs fail and breaks away. The resulting abrasive debris is either carried
along by the river causing more damage to the river bed and bank or picked up by
powerful waves along the shore line.

Corrasion is the result. Loose rocks and pebbles being picked up by powerful storm driven
waves are hurled at the base of sea cliffs and constantly pound and scour the shore. Such
powerful, relentless action with the added fury of storm forces can change shoreline
features. The acid in sea water can also erode soluble calcium carbonate causing chalk in
rocks to erode.

Wave action, tidal currents, drainage and high winds all have an effect.

Overwhelming impact

The impact of coastal erosion results in the disastrous loss of beaches and coastal land.
Depending on the geology it can happen very slowly or with calamitous speed. The
economic, social, cultural and environmental impact can be overwhelming.

Coastal defences

Coastal defences are implemented as part of coastal management strategies as well as in
direct response to damage. They usually fall into one of two categories, soft or hard
engineering defences. Soft engineering usually involves working with nature to create
long-term, sustainable solutions such as topping up sand on beaches to maintain their
width and height. Hard engineering provides more short term solutions such as groynes,
sea dikes, revetments, breakwaters and sea walls.

Stability and safety for coastal defences provided by G J Bog Mats

Most defence solutions require the use of large heavy tools and vast earth moving
machinery. GJ Bog Mats are able to supply quality timber mats and bog mats to take the
impact and provide stable platforms for the vital work to be carried out.

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