Choosing the Right Bog Mats for Your Construction Site

For anyone working on a construction site, bog mats come into their own at this time of year. With the ground often saturated with rain during the winter months, the terrain can quickly become impassable without the right timber mats in place. Buying or hiring quality, durable bog mats will ensure heavily used areas remain both accessible and undamaged – a big plus in keeping your building project on track and on budget. From access areas to locations with heavy vehicle or worker use, bog mats offer a reliable solution to your temporary access and roadway problems.

Which bog mats do I need?

Our bog mats are available for sale or hire and come in a variety of sizes, materials and strengths to suit a wide range of on-site applications. We have years of experience in providing leading companies with stable, durable timber surfaces designed to cope with common construction site challenges like:

  • Delivery of materials by HGV
  • Worker and vehicle access
  • Crane operation
  • Heavy plant use

Obviously, it’s important to make sure that the bog mats you choose have the right specifications to be up to the job. Our experts will work with you to select the timber mats that suit your individual construction project. Depending on your requirements we can offer a range that includes:

European & Tropical Hardwood Mats

With a choice of European oak and beech as well as a variety of quality tropical hardwoods from further afield, our timber mats are renowned for being exceptionally strong and hardwearing. The various woods are selected for their unique properties, like bending strength, load bearing capabilities and weather resistance.

Ekki Mats

Made using ultra-durable tropical timber from West Africa, Ekki timber mats are prized for their ability to withstand enormous pressure. This, combined with high acid, electrical and weather resistance, makes Ekki timber mats the perfect choice for those tough projects that need some extra strength. As stable platforms go, they don’t get much stronger. An excellent crane mat and the perfect solution on construction sites where excessively soft, wet ground is a problem.

Keeping your construction project on track

Whatever your project entails, our experienced team will take all your requirements into account, from on-site terrain and load management right through to timescales and budget. Our bog mats are available for sale or hire, so whether you want to buy our timber mats outright or hire them just for the duration of your project, the choice is yours.

To find out more about how we can stop your construction project getting bogged down, call the GJ Bog Mat team today on 07896 265 981.