Whilst working as a senior buyer for a number of UK businesses, Gareth Jones was frequently asked to source bog mats and identified gaps in the market relating to issues of reliability of supply and quality of mats.

Gareth set about tackling these issues proactively by travelling abroad to visit manufacturers and logistics companies to establish a reliable supply chain and to negotiate the best deals for his customers. He established good working relationships, which were to become the foundation of a dependable, large volume supply of timber to major businesses within the UK.

Contractors and suppliers soon discovered that they could rely upon Gareth Jones, above all others, to deliver an efficient and cost effective service, tailored to meet their needs. He became renowned for his honesty, reliability and ‘can-do’ approach to all tasks and established his place as a competitor within the global market.

We strive to provide clients with the finest quality mats at the best prices for sale or hire to the global market.

For further information please contact sales/hire on 07896 265 981 or info@bogmats.co.uk