Emtek ® Mats

Emtek ® Mats

Our search for better products lead us to America, where we discovered Emtek.

Our search for better products and superior timber mats that would offer more flexibility to meet our customers’ wide ranging needs led us to America, where we discovered Emtek.

Emtek mats are used across the USA for large infrastructure projects requiring a superior strength mat. Twice the depth and weight of standard hardwood mats, Emtek mats have a higher load bearing capacity. Additionally, they are the only mats currently available for which load bearing calculations can be made. This offers the flexibility and precision to determine the suitability of Emtek mats for any given project and the environment it is situated in.

We hold large stock volumes meaning we can meet the demands of the most substantial construction and engineering projects. Emtek mats also offer a variety of installation methods which gives the flexibility to use them across a wide range of soil conditions.

The Emtek Story
Engineered Mat Technology was developed at the University of Maine in 2001 by Jon Fuitak, who was investigating the potential to improve the properties of low grade hardwoods so that they may be utilised within commercial settings.

He removed many of the wood’s natural defects and created a laminated product which reduced the potential for stress fractures. Upon testing, it was found that he had created a product which was stronger, more durable and had a resistant surface.

Emtek mats are manufactured in America. The process involves machining hardwood boards to the dimensions required for laminating and then ripping the mats to a width that will ultimately yield the mat thickness. The boards are then covered with adhesive and set on edge forming an unpressed billet – or plank – before entering the lamination press. The lamination press applies heat and pressure to the planks, which are then machined to the final dimensions, and fitted with connection hardware. Rigorous strength testing is carried out and the laminated planks are fastened together to create Emtek Mats.

GJ Bog Mats supply Emtek Mats
Here at GJ Bogmats, along with our Emtek partner, Timbermat Ltd, have the largest stock of Emtek mats within mainland Europe. The large stock volumes we hold, coupled with our lay down and import/export services mean we are ideally placed to offer this superior mat technology to support your construction or engineering project. Do give us a call on 01269 888250 to discuss your project and how Emtek can help.

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